QuickBooks Magento Integration

By integrating Magento with QuickBooks you can easily sync your Magento data into QuickBooks Using QBIS Solutions. We connect your Magento store with QuickBooks which helps you manage your customers, inventory and accounts. With the integration you can automatically put your orders to QuickBooks to originate sales receipts and sales invoices.

The Magento and QuickBooks Integration help you in tracking discounts, taxes and you can match products, buyers and create new customers from your online store to QuickBooks. You can plan payment methods and card types.

With the integration of your QuickBooks, Magento store along with shipping you can simplify your order management which will take your shipments out quickly. You can download the orders from Magento to QuickBooks, map the order status, post shipping information and update your Magento store.

The Magento QuickBooks integration allows you to organize sales details, product catalog, and inventory. This saves you from misinformation and backorders. With our support your can transfer product information from Magento store to QuickBooks and invent new items. The Magento and QuickBooks integration integrates multiple sales channels.