Opencart Quickbooks Integration

Integrating OpenCart and QuickBooks with QBIS can be a great way to save time and improve the accuracy of your e-commerce and financial records. If you're looking for a way to streamline your e-commerce and accounting operations, you should look at this integration as a possible solution.

QuickBooks and Opencart
automate all the busywork

Bound Your Business

✔ Automate and schedule busywork and sync opencart sales and data directly into QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

✔ Easily Sync and post Opencart sales as receipt, invoices, sales orders in QuickBooks Desktop as well as Online.

✔ Accurate data throughout your whole business and view reports of profit and loss.

✔ You can stay organized with your QuickBooks by posting your sales transaction on daily or monthly basis.

Automatically sync your
Opencart store with QuickBooks.

Opencart Quickbooks Integration allows you to export your OpenCart products, customers and orders from and back forth to your store.

Quickbooks is designed to manage payroll, sales, and also needs of small business including inventory as well. All merchant services, marketing tools, training solutions and product itself. Each solution is developed as per industry’s needs.

A seamless integration can synchronize product and customer information between accounting package, store ensuring all order data are properly assigned to the correct accounts.

To avoid duplication of data entries, as other problems such as human errors can easily be reduced.

Accurate export of customers, orders and products using fruitful integration.

Reduces time of data synchronization of your products, customers and orders in timely interval manner.

Using integration tool, exporting products from your store to QuickBooks.

✔ Inventory, Non Inventory, Service or other Charge entries as a whole you can select the type of entry you want to create.

✔ You can modify the existing products as well as can create new ones only or do both –or may chose the corresponding option.

✔ To avoid duplicates, to map QuickBooks and store Products an integration can help you a lot.

From your store, exporting customers to QuickBooks made easy while mapping QuickBooks to avoid duplicates. Manage de-duplication with mapping of QuickBooks, and store customers to avoid duplicate entries. Filtering out the customers to be exported (filter customers by first name, last name, company, etc.)

Exporting orders from your store to QuickBooks can be easier to create Sales Order, Sales Receipts or Invoices – suitable for QuickBooks of limited versions. Users can filter Orders to be exported (filter orders by data, order id, status, etc.), can create Refunds, export Taxes. They can import products from QuickBooks to their online store using create new Products, update Stock/Price, optionally update Name, Price, Quantity and Description. You can get automation tool for synchronize products, customers and orders on schedule.

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It will save your time and effort with QuickBooks by automation

Opencart is an open source eCommerce platform. It will save your time and money by tracking and syncing your OpenCart orders to QuickBooks online and QuickBooks Desktop.

QBIS can save 95% of your bookkeeping costs*


✔ All the data will be update Automatically, No need to do manual entry.

✔ You can get accuracy of every sales transaction.

✔ It will keep your accounting system and store data up to date.

Automate Inventory

✔ Manage, sync and track product listing to avoid backorders.

✔ Automatically sync price and quantity between opencart stores.

✔ QuickBooks and Opencart allows user to export the OpenCart products, Customers and orders from their store to QuickBooks Online and Desktop.

✔ It will save your time, improve your productivity and maintain your accuracy.

✔ Import transactions automatically daily from your sales channel.