Types of methods to use QuickBooks Bill Pay Application

✔Adding payment data in records for processing payments.

✔Inviting Vendors for Online Payment in QuickBooks Bill Pay Application.

Intuit QuickBooks has a quite good and authentic ways to integrate with other applications development team people build for custom business solutions. A custom business application with QB online or QB Desktop integrated together are kind of bundle of fruits into one.

Types of Payments

✔Payments are divided by their time to get delivered.

&ACH (automated clearing house / electronic bank transfer) :

&It may take 4 to 5 days to deliver for the first 5 payments. If the amount is $5000 or less. Later on, 2 days can be taken for the arrival of payment which can be seen in the “Arrive By” button.


In this type of payment, paper checks are mailed through the mail to the vendor via US postal service. There is an estimated time which can be seen via “Estimated Arrival” button. But intuit can’t interfere if US postal service itself takes more than that estimated arrival time.

An amount which is $5,000 or more than that, it may take an extra day as Estimated Arrival time. As per Intuit policy users can schedule their payments themselves however they should also mind the policies determined by their banks. i.e. any extra surcharges on a particular amount.

All applicable charges are applied through QuickBooks Online Bill Pay Service:

Some very nominal charges are applied to payments done through this service which includes monthly subscription charges $9.99 excluding transaction fee. Charges are also applied on the basis of their payment type as $0.49 for each ACH payment and $1.49 for paper check payment. You can find all the charges on that particular payment in your debit/credit card records as well.